Standard English website optimization page and How to Write a Good Title

anthony jupiter | 2016-11-04 04:52:28

The following picture already contains a page to optimize all the most basic factors, from the keywords, title, pictures, URL, H1 to the keyword density are covered very well,

Today I will tell you how to start the first to optimize a title

Html Head Tag

I said before in my blog the importance of learning  the basic Html, if a little Html based on nothing, can only be understood, it is difficult to operate, today we look at the title of the site Title.


Title one of the most important principles is the closer to the title in front of the keyword Weight the greater the weight of the actual case we see many companies put the company's English name directly Title, that will not good,we should put the keywords in the front. for example if you want to promote a game gold, you should say Buy wow gold, Best website to buy world of warcraft gold with face to face trade 24 hours live chat. That would be nice, If you write ,fast delivery face to face trade 24 hours live chat to buy wow gold , The resources were seriously wasted.